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Cloud Blue Fanny Pack

Cloud Blue Fanny Pack

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Going on your daily dog walks without proper storage for your keys, treats, phone, and poop bags can quickly turn into a headache. If you're tired of dropping your phone while picking up a poo, your Woof + Walk Fanny Pack's are the perfect solution. No more stressful walks!

Why You'll Love It:

- Zipper pocket to keep ID or debit cards safe

- Extra individual pockets to keep your treats separate from your phone or keys (no more crumbs!)

- Lightweight enough for long hikes and roomy enough to fit larger-model phones.

- Convenient poop bag dispenser in the front so you never have to struggle with bags again.

- Don't worry about getting dirty! Whether your dog loves a relaxing daily walk or long jog with you, the Woof + Walk Fanny Pack is so easy to clean.

- Perfect bag for training or agility

- Comfortable, thick waist strap