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Welcome To The Pawty!

Dear dog moms and dads alike, We are so glad you stumbled upon our pawsomely small shop. 

Do you ever feel like you spend too much on your fur babies? Take them everywhere with you? Snap a picture every other move they make?

Like, come on, just look at that precious pup—how can anyone say that you shouldn’t be obsessed?!

At For the Love of Dogs, we totally understand exactly what you’re feeling. Heck, Lea has five dogs herself and started a whole business just so she could help dogs that didn’t have a home. (She would take them all in but she just doesn’t have the space) 

At any stage in their life, your dog is always going to be easier to spoil rotten than you even knew. 

Dogs are truly a thing of love and beauty, and if anyone wants to argue with that then they just don’t know what real love feels like. 

The Dog Parent Lifestyle

Living the life of a dog mom (or dad) is harder than most people think it is. We do a lot for our dogs outside of caring for their basic needs and going that extra mile to treat your pet like family is something to be proud of. 

It’s why we spend hours searching for the best pet groomers, or the most friendly and reliable sitters. Because we put so much love and care into our dogs, why shouldn’t we expect that others caring for them will do the exact same thing?  

Not everyone takes their pet into a store to just get in and out after finding what we’re looking for. Maybe once in a while, Where’s the fun in that? We want our dogs recognized! They’re stars! You didn’t start an Instagram account for your dog to have them not be celebrated when they enter a building. 

That’s one of the benefits of supporting locally owned and operated small businesses—as a regular, you and your pet will always be recognized! And you’ll always be treated to a great experience. Local businesses value you as the individual just as much, if not more than, as a customer. Us local businesses want to have you and your pup as part of our family, to be able to stop in and say hi even when you don’t need anything from us. We want to be a part of that community. 

You were made to be a loyal customer, that’s probably why you mesh so well with dogs! You need to be able to find your place and stick with it. And it just has to be good for both you and your precious pooch.  

As a dog owner, you’re strong minded. You know what you stand for, and by extension, what your dog stands for. You should be able to hit all those marks in one place, for the both of you.

Who is For the Love of Dogs, member of Woof Wardrobe Designs, LLC?

So, where do we come in? For the Love of Dogs is right there with you. We know all the work you do because we are the same kind of dog moms as you are. 

Woof Wardrobe Designs, LLC, the “parent company” of For the Love of Dogs, was created with the sole purpose of being able to spark a community and help local shelters and rescue services here in San Antonio. 

Lea says “I started this business after learning that many shelters in this area were sending their dogs up out of state to shelters that had more room or demand—either because there were already too many dogs in shelters here or simply because people weren’t wanting them. It broke my heart to learn that, but already having too many dogs in my house at the time, I couldn’t take on more. Still, I knew I needed to do something to help, and so I started a business with the intention of giving my profits away to help support the local shelters and rescues. Hopefully, my efforts have made a change in at least a few dogs' lives. “

We focus a lot on the communities that we are a part of and are actively creating. We want to be your go to spot for all your dog needs. 

So whether it may be a new paw print mug, a super cute tee or simply a celebratory gift, we hope you find the perfect item to enjoy!

When in doubt, remember that we’ve got #WAG—anything a dog parent could need from Wardrobe, Accessories, and Gifts (for both humans and dogs). 

And now that we’ve expanded into a storefront, we are also offering grooming services. Let us treat your pet like the absolute celebrity that they are! 

We always want to help other people and businesses rise up as well; anything that we don’t make ourselves is outsourced to other small, either local or American-based, companies. We want to spread the wealth to other businesses running on a “Love of Dogs” when we can.  We value other brands that are working towards similar goals as ours so you know that everything you can get from For the Love of Dogs is specifically chosen to better the life of a dog, or dog parent.

Your next step

If our community sounds like one that you want to be a part of, please join us! We’d love to have you. 

The more like-minded people we have around, the better for all. 

The storefront is open from 9am-6pm at 2815 N Loop 1604 E Suite 111 San Antonio, Tx 78232 Stop by and take a look at what we have to offer

You can also take a look at our grooming services here

If you see anything that suits your pup, schedule an appointment or simply text 210-428-0439 if you have any questions or need help. 

If you can’t make it out here, take a look at all our stuff online

We can’t wait to meet you all!