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Fantastic Grooming Services by For The Love Of Dogs

Are you ready for your pet to be as clean and gorgeous as possible? For the Love of Dogs is happy to help!

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We make sure your needs are covered with our services. Sniff around our options and see what fits best for your pooch (or cat).

Don’t forget to check out our Add Ons if you’re needing a quick service added to your groom or just a small treatment for your pet.

Bath And Brush Short Hair Breeds

Your short haired baby needs a clean up? Not a problem. With our Bath and Brush they’ll leave looking squeaky clean! A Bath and Brush includes just that—a bath and brushing! But that’s not all, your pet will be blow dried to fluffy perfection as well as get their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, perfume or cologne and we’ll take care of their glands.

Bath and Brush Long Hair Breeds 

If it’s not quite time for a haircut, or if your pup doesn’t need the extra styling, a Bath and Brush for Long Hair Breeds is a great fit. 

Your pup will be cleaned up with a nice bath and detangled with a brushing, and—just like for short hair breeds—your long haired pooch will get their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, favorite spritz, and glands expressed.

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Full Groom 

Treat your pet to the full experience. The Full Groom gives your pet the whole kit and caboodle. Starting with a bath and brushing, your pet will already be on their way to being beautified. After that, we’ll take care of their maintenance: a nail trimming, ear cleaning and glands.

Then comes the fun part, the haircut! We’ll take off the longest portions of your dog’s hair and shape them into the handsomest little pup we can. Not only will they look cooler, they’ll feel the breeze a bit more, and definitely be grateful for it in the South Texas heat.

Not to mention how good they will smell and how cute they’ll be when you come pick them up!

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Mini Groom

Don’t quite need a full haircut but perhaps some spots could use the attention? Your pup is in luck.

With the Mini groom, you don’t have to sign up for a full body haircut. We start the same with a bath and brushing of your pup. Then trim their nails, clean their ears, and handle their glands. 

But instead of doing a full body cut, we’ll simply do a trim of the face, paws, and sanitary areas to keep them up to date between full body cuts.

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Breed Specific Grooming

Some breeds need a bit more work or have certain styles expected of them because of their size, coats, and style expression, so we’ve made a separate section for them.

Breed Specific Grooming includes a bath and brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, glands. Haircuts are subject to extra charges. The specific cut is based on your pet’s coat type (and any styles you are wanting your pooch to test out).

Check out the Breed Specific Grooming here!

Doodle Specific Grooming

Poodle mixes are very common these days because of their hypoallergenic fur, and of course cute faces, but they require special care when it comes to their grooming. 

Doodle Specific Grooming includes all the benefits of our Full Grooms but for the oodles!

Check out the oodle Grooming Packages here!

Puppy Packages

Puppies are special, they require a bit more attention than an older dog, especially since going to the groomer is a new experience for them. 

A Puppy Groom is a lot like a Mini Groom: it includes a bath and brush, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a trim of your puppy’s face, feet and sanitary areas. 

Because your puppy is so young, it’s not quite time for them to get a full body haircut, but we’ll be happy to help you out once they stretch their paws a bit more.

**This service is for puppies up to 6 months old and is designed to help puppies get used to the grooming process so of course treats will be involved. Should you want your pup to not have treats please let us know.**

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