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PerAnimal Paw Plunger®

PerAnimal Paw Plunger®

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The PawPlunger® from PerAnimal is the best and easiest solution for dirty paws. You can gently and safely clean the paws of your pet before the paw prints land on your nice new carpet, clean sofa or freshly cleaned floor.

Instructions for use: Pour warm water up to the top brushes, screw on the PawPlunger, insert the dirty paws into the PawPlunger and gently move them up and down as the bristles wash away the dirt. Then use a towel or the microfiber cloth to dry the paws and throw away the dirty water. You can easily let the paw cleaner do the work for you because the soft bristles easily remove dirt from the paws, claws and lower legs within seconds. The practical handle and the wide, drip-free opening enable a quick and effective cleaning. This portable "dog paw washer" removes mud, dirt, salt, sand & much more from your pet's paws